Ulrike Kister
  • Office: APB 2046
  • Phone: (+49) 351 / 463 38683
  • Fax: (+49) 351 / 463 32827
  • Email:

I am a Ph.D. student at the Interactive Media Lab Dresden working in the field of human-computer interaction with a focus on multi-touch interaction on large interactive surfaces, such as tabletops or powerwalls. While my main focus is on developing multi-touch gestures, I’m also interested in interfaces that use the combination of touch and pen as well as graspable tangible interfaces.

I am currently involved in the DFG-Project GEMS – Graph Exploration and Manipulation on interactive Surfaces. Here we focus on combining information visualization and the interaction with these visualizations. My focus in this project lies in supporting exploration and manipulation of node-link diagrams through means of natural user interfaces.