Declaration on Accessibility

The Chair of Multimedia Technology makes every effort to make its website or accessible without barriers in accordance with the national legislation implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

This declaration on accessibility only applies to the website and

Preparation of this Declaration on Accessibility

This declaration was issued on 2nd October 2020. The last verification of the Chair of Multimedia Technology’s web presence and this declaration was carried out on 2nd October 2020.

The basis for the issuing of this Declaration on Accessibility is a self-assessment of the website’s compatibility with the requirements of the BfWebG in accordance with BITV 2.0, carried out by the Chair of Multimedia Technology.

Status of compatibility with the requirements of the Federal Ordinance on Accessible Information Technology (BITV)

The web presence of the Chair of Multimedia Technology was launched before 23rd September 2018 and does not yet fully correspond to the current state of accessibility. We are striving to correct the deficiencies in the coming months.

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is not accessible to all users:

  • Alternatives for images and graphic elements are not fully available.
  • No alternatives are offered for videos and time-controlled media.
  • The contrast between elements is not always strong enough.
  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) attributes for orientation within elements are not fully available.
  • Accessibility by keyboard is not fully available for the following elements/contents:
    • Primary navigation at the top of the page (news, teaching, research, publications, about us)
    • Secondary navigation at the left of the page (subordinate pages)
  • The position of the keyboard focus is not clearly visible.
  • Words and sections in other languages are not marked.
  • Page contents are not always accessible through headings.
  • Page contents such as headings are not always in a sensible and useful order.

The Chair of Multimedia Technology’s website contains a large number of documents (e.g., PDF) that were published before 23rd September 2018 and are not accessible.

The responsibility for the editorial contents lies with the Chair of Multimedia Technology and respective staff members who have created the contents of these pages to their best possibilities. Nevertheless, errors and barriers in implementation may occur.


If you notice any shortcomings with regard to barrier-free design, you can report these to the administrative office of the Chair of Multimedia Technology via Email and request it in the accessible format.

Alternatively and with an appropriate reference to this website, you can use the Report barrier web-form of the TU. The contact to the Registration Office for Barriers at the Technische Universität Dresden is:

Phone: +49 351 463-42022
Fax: +49 351 463-42021

Enforcement procedure

If you are not satisfied with our handling of your feedback, you can contact the Saxon Arbitration Service:

Representative of the Saxon State Government for the interests of people with disabilities
Albertstraße 10,
01097 Dresden

Postal address: Archivstraße 1, 01097 Dresden
Phone: 0351 564-12161
Fax: 0351 564-12169