Time: Friday, 4.DS (13:00 to 14:30)
Location: APB E023 / virtual
Language: English


The course work for the lecture Interactive Information Visualization is an addition to the lecture and helps understand the lecture’s contents. Students are going to get a deeper understanding of modern visualization environments which have been introduced in the lecture.

During the semester, the students are going to work in teams on one main assignment in two different phases, a conception phase, and an implementation phase. The goal is to design and realize an own interactive information visualization. Each phase’s results will be presented to fellow students.

We will have multiple fixed appointments, the introduction, a sketching workshop, multiple mandatory pulse checks, and presentations.


(topics and schedule are tentative and subject to change)
Date Course Work (Fri, 13:00)
Date Course Work
Fr. 08.04. Live Event in APB E023 Introduction & Topics
Fr. 15.04. Easter
Fr. 22.04. Live Event Sketching Workshop
Fr. 29.04.
Fr. 06.05.
Fr. 13.05. Live Event Mandatory Pulse Check
Fr. 20.05. Live Event Concept Presentations
Fr. 27.05. On-demand Consultation
Fr. 03.06. On-demand Consultation
Fr. 10.06. Pentecost
Fr. 17.06. Live Event Mandatory Pulse Check
Fr. 24.06. On-demand Consultation
Fr. 01.07. On-demand Consultation
Fr. 08.07. On-demand Consultation
Fr. 15.07. Live Event Final Presentations