Time: Friday, 3.DS (11:10 to 12:40)
Location: APB E023 / virtual
Quantity: 2V/2√ú/0P SWS
Language: English

Goals of the Lecture

  • Deeper knowledge and understanding of interactive information visualizations in various usage scenarios
  • Ability to select and redevelop appropriate visualization and interaction techniques based on tasks, users, and environments
  • Systematic analysis and evaluation of existing information visualization solutions
  • Advanced knowledge in the field of scientific work

Collage Interaktive Informationsvisualisierung

Topics of the Lecture

  • Spectrum of advanced interactive information visualization for multivariate data as well as structural and hierarchical data
  • Advanced techniques for managing large amounts of information: Zoomable user interfaces, multiple views, focus+context techniques
  • Comprehensive overview of modern information visualization environments and suitable interaction techniques within these environments
  • Basic understanding on other further research-related topics for interactive information visualizations

Schedule / Lecture Plan

Due to the current Corona situation, we are planning this course hybrid with a few in-person lectures.
Live events will take place in the official time slots (Lecture: Friday, 11:10; Course Work: Friday, 13:00).
Other parts of the lecture will be made available as video recordings. All material for the lecture and the exercise can be found on OPAL.

Topics and schedule are tentative and subject to change!

(topics and schedule are tentative and subject to change)
Date Lecture Topic (Fri, 11:10)
Date Lecture Topic
Fr. 08.04. Live Event in APB E023 Welcome & Organizational Information Introduction
Fr. 15.04. Easter
Fr. 22.04. Advanced Vis Techniques (1/3): Multivariate Data Visualizations
Fr. 29.04. Advanced Vis Techniques (2/3): Network Visualizations & The Role of Layout
Fr. 06.05. Advanced Vis Techniques (3/3): Multiple Coordinated Views
Fr. 13.05. Live Event in APB E023 Q&A session

Advanced Interactions (1/4): Zoomable Information Spaces

Fr. 20.05. Advanced Interactions (2/4): Focus+Context
Fr. 27.05. Advanced Interactions (3/4): Magic Lenses
Fr. 03.06. Advanced Interactions (4/4): Interaction Modalities
Fr. 10.06. Pentecost
Fr. 17.06. Live Event in APB E023 Q&A session

Modern Vis Environments (1/4): Mobile Visualization

Fr. 24.06. Modern Vis Environments (2/4): Large Displays & Multi-Display Environments
Fr. 01.07. Modern Vis Environments (3/4): 3D Vis & Immersive Vis
Fr. 08.07. Modern Vis Environments (4/4): Data Physicalization
Fr. 15.07. Live Event in APB E023 Q&A session

Personal Visualization