The IEEE VIS 2021 (IEEE Visualization & Visual Analytics) took place from October 24 to 29, where our group presented two contributions.

Visual Analysis of Hyperproperties for Understanding Model Checking Results

Product of a collaboration between the IMLD (with Tom Horak, Tamara Flemisch, Julian Méndez, Dennis Dimov, and Raimund Dachselt) and the Reactive Systems Group, the HyperVis tool enables visual analysis of counterexamples to hyperproperties, which are traditionally complex text-based outputs from model checking console applications. We achieved this by providing interactive visualizations of the given model, specifications that it must comply to, and counterexamples, in case they exist. The users are guided to effectively understand the counterexample, and then to repair either the model or the specification. Understanding is supported through encoding of binary values for pattern recognition and linked interactions of several views to encode and highlight relevant aspects of the counterexample, to eventually find the cause of the violation. The iterative repair process is supported by dedicated editing interfaces for temporal logics and transition systems, project versioning and management. Supported by several real life use cases in it’s qualitative evaluation, domain experts confirmed the improvement it presents over the existing text-based solutions and its value for explainability of hyperproperties.

A Visualization Authoring Model for Post-WIMP Interfaces

In this work, Marc Satkowski, Weizhou Luo, and Raimund Dachselt focus on the problem, that Authoring AR visualizations still heavily relies on stationary desktop setups, which inevitably separates users from the actual working space the created visualizations should be used in. To adapt to the changes of Post-WIMP Interfaces, the presented model emphasizes the iterative nature of creating and configuring visualizations, the existence of multiple views in the same system, and requirements for the data analysis process.

Contributions at VIS 2021