The semantic organization of data for exploration and analysis of large data collections is a wide-ranging research area. Private data collections have increased because of the affordability of memory and processors. A semantic annotation of this data by the user is therefore essential. Transfer the semantic organization of private data collection on a multi-touch application without special knowledge of the user and to connect the advantages in terms of interactions with the advantages of the semantics represents a new challenge.

This thesis develops interaction- and visualization concepts, which support users in the semantic organization of their private image collection. The thesis concentrates on two aspects: the intuitive and easy grouping and classification of images by multi-touch gestures as well as an appropriate visualization of the groups. The concepts differ mainly in the kind of information visualization. Selected aspects of one of the two concepts are implemented in a prototype to allow for a more accurate assessment. The thesis presents two comprehensive general concepts that allow for the semantic organization of a private image collection through multi-touch gestures.