Time: Tuesday, 4th DS (13.00 to 14.30)
Location: hybrid
Quantity: 4P
Language: Deutsch/English



This team project (lab project, Komplexpraktikum) is dedicated to the conception and implementation of novel user interfaces within the research activities of the Chair of Multimedia Technology.

For all topics, we require good programming skills and an independent, scientific way of working. The team project is group work suitable for smaller groups of students (2-4 persons, depending on the topic) and has to be completed by the end of the lecture period. Some of the topics may also be extended to bachelor/master thesis topics after successful completion.

Exemplary results from lab projects of previous years
Exemplary results from teams projects of previous years.


Please enroll for this course using OPAL. Note that the number of possible participants is limited.

Offered topics will be introduced in the first meeting on 09.04., 13:00, APB 2042. The group and topic assignment takes place directly afterwards.


We use the following OPAL course to manage this team project, including the enrollment, announcements, materials, etc.:

Questions / Contact

In case you have any questions about the organization of this team project, please contact Mats Ole Ellenberg via email.


(The schedule is tentative and subject to change)
Date Location Description
21.3.-07.04. OPAL Enrollment for the course
09.04. 13:00 APB 2042 Kick-Off, Topics Presentation & Group formation
10.04. – 16.04. arrange with supervisor(s) First meeting of every team with their supervisor(s)
30.04., until 23:59 Deadline: Submission of project description (v1) incl. working plan, requirements etc.
28.05., 13.00 APB 2042 Intermediate presentations and
Deadline: Submission of project description (v2)
09.07., 13.00 APB 2042 Final project presentations
23.07. until 23:59 Deadline: Submission of final project description (v3), incl. documentation
(2 weeks after final presentation)