FlowTransfer is a collection of bidirectional data transfer techniques between mobile phones and large vertical displays that leverage the phone’s position and orientation.


Currently deployed content sharing techniques between mobile phones and large displays are cumbersome. For example, techniques such as QR codes usually require users to perform a non-intuitive sequence of individual interaction steps. Also, wireless techniques (e.g., Bluetooth or WiFi) generally do not allow users to specify a target position for transferred items, causing issues with large displays and multiuser settings.

FlowTransfer is a collection of five techniques that explore different aspects of multi-device data transfer while assuming that the mobile phone’s position and orientation are known. We consider interaction at different distances as well as supporting multi-item transfer. In addition, we incorporate layout support: Both precise and casual layouts can be generated while transferring to the large display, and layouts can be copied as-is from the large display to the mobile device.

Previewing the full video of FlowTransfer.

Watch the video on YouTube. This video illustrates the concepts and the developed prototype of FlowTransfer.


FlickTransfer: State-of-the-art technique for single-item transfer


JetTransfer: Rough and casual positioning for multi-item transfer


LayoutTransfer: Simultaneous transfer and arrangement of multiple items


SnapshotTransfer: Transfer multiple items and their layout


RevealingTransfer: Combination of techniques, metadata-based transfer



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