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OWL is a powerful language to formalize terminologies in an ontology. Its main strength lies in its foundation on description logics, allowing systems to automatically deduce implicit information as logical consequences of an ontology through logical reasoning.
However, since ontologies are often complex, understanding the results of this reasoning process is not always straight-forward.

Our visualization tool Evonne is tailored towards explaining logical consequences.
In addition, it supports the debugging of unwanted consequences and allows interactive comparison of the impact of removing knowledge from the ontology.

Our visual approach combines:

  • Specialized views for the explanation of logical consequences and the structure of the ontology.
  • Employing multiple layout modes for iteratively exploring explanations.
  • Detailed explanations of specific reasoning steps.
  • Cross-view highlighting and color coding of the visualization components.
  • Features for dealing with visual complexity.
  • Comparison and exploration of possible fixes to the ontology.

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  • Markus Wieland

    Concepts for interactive exploration and explanation in proofs and ontologies

    Markus Wieland May 9th, 2022 until October 10th, 2022

    Supervision: Julián Méndez, Raimund Dachselt