This year, Fabian Plichta presented our work Growing Green Habits: Unobtrusive Gamified Eco-Feedback to Motivate Sustainable Behavior at the Mensch und Computer 2023 conference, which is one of the largest conference series on human-computer interaction in Europe. The MuC ’23 conference took place at at the OST Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences Campus Rapperswil (SG) at the ZĂĽrichsee in Switzerland.

In detail, the work introduces a gamified eco-feedback approach using an interactive plant-like physical interface to encourage lower heating energy consumption in households. The research builds on the bachelor thesis by Fabian Plichta and was developed together with Annett Mitschick, Konstantin Klamka and Raimund Dachselt at the Interactive Media Lab Dresden.

Congratulations to Fabian Plichta for this success!

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