Once more, the IML Dresden participated with multiple demos in both OUTPUT and the Dresden Science Night.

On Thursday, June 15, Students of the Faculty of Computer Science presented interesting projects at OUTPUT 2017, developed during last semester’s courses. We were able to enroll four projects: Alexandra Krien, Robert Menger, Franziska Richter, and Jan Schmalfuß showed their project JobShopScheduling, a tool for the collaborative design of machine schedules. Leon Brandt, Georg Grassnick, Jonas Precht, Erich Querner, and Pascal Rosenkranz presented MazeRun, a collaborative tabletop game.

Additionally, Nils Henning, Daniel Fuchs, and Dennis Metzger showed their prototype for information visualization and data exploration with mobile devices and Alexander Dick, Andreas Wilke, as well as Franz-Wilhelm Schumann presented their project that utilizes visible light for data transmission. On short notice, Georg Eckert, Felix Etienne, Tobias Knothe, Alexander Herzog were also able to show the result of a joint project with SALT Solutions AG, an Augmented Reality demonstrator for warehouse management.

On the next day, Friday, June 16, the 15th Dresden Science Night allowed people of all age groups to visit many research institutions in Dresden and see various explanations, shows, exhibits, presentation and movies presenting the research work. Again, the IML Dresden was showcasing multiple demonstrations. Tom Horak, Patrick Reipschläger, Ricardo Langner, and Wolfgang Büschel showed the interactive wall game Break Block Mountain that had already been well received last year, several interactive prototypes on multi-touch tabletops and a visualization system for the touch-enabled exploration of Starplots. Despite some rain, our lab was well-attended and we were able to discuss our research with many interested visitors.

We also collect some impressions from both events in a photo gallery.