Zeit: Dienstag, 4.DS (13:00-14:30 Uhr)
Ort: mostly virtual, partly in person
Umfang: 0V/2S/0P SWS
Sprache: English

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General Information

In the seminar Interactive Multimedia Technologies the methodology of collaborative scientific work and discussion will be learned and at the same time, an insight into current research topics will be gained. For this purpose, the state of the art will be researched and presented in the form of short presentations to the seminar group. Group discussions will deepen the knowledge and encourage creative engagement with the topics.

Current Information

  • Enrollment take place from October 5th to 18th in jExam
  • This seminar is addressed to diploma and master students. We expect to have 12 places for participants.
  • Project topics of this semester are mainly related to Augmented Reality (tentatively)