Zeit: Freitag, 4.DS (13:00 bis 14:30)
Ort: APB/E023
Sprache: Englisch

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The course work for the lecture Interactive Information Visualization consists of three main tasks with each having a different focus. The course is as an addition to the lecture and helps understand the lecture’s contents. Students are going to get a deeper understanding of the main information visualization techniques which have been introduced in the lecture and apply these techniques. Over the course, the students get to know current research and are going to implement their own version of one visualization technique.

During the semester, the students are going to work on three different assignments as teams. Each assignment’s results will be presented in a short talk.

Besides the fixed appointments (introduction, workshops, presentations, …), we offer several consultations. During these consultations, students can work on their own on the assignments or talk to the supervisors about questions or problems.

Quick Facts

  • Focus on implementing / programming of one InfoVis technique (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) for mobile devices
  • 3 assignments per semester
  • Working in teams
  • Assignment 1: Theoretical basics
  • Assignment 2 and 3: Practical implementation


For the schedule, see the lecture page.