Zeit: Freitag, 3.DS (11:10 bis 12:40)
Ort: APB/E023
Umfang: 2V/2Ü/0P SWS
Sprache: Englisch

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  • [Apr 10] Updated schedule: On April 26, there will be an additional lecture during the course work slot.
  • The enrollment for the course work will start at the end of March.

Goals of the Lecture

  • Deeper knowledge and understanding of interactive information visualizations in various usage scenarios
  • Ability to select and redevelop appropriate visualization and interaction techniques based on tasks, users, and environments
  • Systematic analysis and evaluation of existing information visualization solutions
  • Advanced knowledge in the field of scientific work

Collage Interaktive Informationsvisualisierung

Topics of the Lecture

  • Spectrum of advanced interactive information visualization for multivariate data as well as structural and hierarchical data
  • Advanced techniques for managing large amounts of information: Zoomable user interfaces, multiple views, focus+context techniques
  • Comprehensive overview of modern information visualization environments and suitable interaction techniques within these environments
  • Basic understanding on other further research-related topics for interactive information visualizations

Schedule / Lecture Plan

(topics and schedule are tentative and subject to change)
Week Date Location L Lecture Slot (11:10) C Course Work Slot (13:00)
Week Date Location L Lecture Slot (11:10) C Course Work Slot (13:00)
CW 14 Fr. 05.04. APB/E023 L Introduction C Introduction & Topics
CW 15 Fr. 12.04. APB/E023 L Advanced Vis Techniques (1/4):
Multivariate Data Visualizations
CW 16 Fr. 19.04. Good Friday (Karfreitag)
CW 17 Fr. 26.04. APB/E023 L Advanced Vis Techniques (2/4):
Graphs & Trees: Network Visualizations
L Advanced Vis Techniques (3/4):
The Role of Layout
CW 18 Fr. 03.05. APB/E023 C Presentation Phase 1 C Presentation Phase 1
CW 19 Fr. 10.05. APB/E023 L Advanced Vis Techniques (4/4):
Multiple Coordinated Views
CW 20 Fr. 17.05. APB/E023 L Advanced Interactions (1/3):
Zoomable Information Spaces
L Advanced Interactions (2/3):
CW 21 Fr. 24.05. APB/E023 L Advanced Interactions (3/3):
Magic Lenses
CW 22 Fr. 31.05. APB/E023
CW 23 Fr. 07.06. APB/E023 L Modern Vis Environments (1/4):
Personal & Mobile Vis
C Mandatory consultation (for Phase 2.1)
CW 24 Fr. 14.06. APB/E023 Pentecost (Pfingsten)
CW 25 Fr. 21.06. APB/E023 L Modern Vis Environments (2/4):
Large Displays & Multi-Display Environments
CW 26 Fr. 28.06. APB/E023 L Modern Vis Environments (3/4):
3D Vis & Immersive Vis
L Modern Vis Environments (4/4):
Data Physicalization
CW 27 Fr. 05.07. APB/E023 L Further Vis Topics:
C Mandatory consultation (for Phase 2.2)
CW 28 Fr. 12.07. APB/E023 L Recap C Final Presentation