Time: Tuesday, 5.DS (14:50 to 16:20)
Location: Virtual via BBB & OPAL, APB/E023
Quantity: 2V/2Ü/0P SWS
Language: English


This master module is dedicated to the development of so-called post-WIMP or natural user interfaces (UI), which are based on our experiences in dealing with the real world. A main focus of the event will be UIs for interactive surfaces, including tabletops. Here you will get to know the latest technologies and principles in connection with various operating modalities. Among other things, digital pens & sketches, multitouch gestures, gestural freehand interaction, tangible user interfaces, gaze-based and gaze-supported interaction, organic UIs will be covered.
In all areas you will acquire knowledge about basic hardware technologies, tracking methods, interaction principles, implementation possibilities and application examples. The module is research-oriented and is illustrated by numerous examples of own research work.
The lecture-accompanying exercise or seminar gives you the opportunity to critically examine the latest and most influential articles on the subject areas and thus acquire the ability to work scientifically in a promising field of human-computer interaction.

Schedule/Lecture Plan

The lecture material will be provided in the OPAL course.

Live events will take place via Big Blue Button (BBB) during the official time slots (Tuesday 14:50).

(schedule is tentative and subject to change)
Date Description
13.04. Live Event Introduction AUI lecture (Post-WIMP UIs & NUIs)
20.04. Gestural User Interfaces
Interactive Surfaces: Multitouch
Interactive Surfaces: Pen Input & Sketching
25.05. Pentecost/Pfingsten (no course)
Tangible Interaction
15.06. Cross-Device Interaction in Multi-Display Environments
22.06. Gaze-based Interaction
3D & Spatial Interaction
13.07. Challenges in NUI & Technologies
20.07. Recap