Time: Friday, 4.DS (13:00 bis 14:30)
Location: ZEU/255, virtual until May 4th
Language: English


  • Please note: The semester regulary starts on April 6th. Presence seminars will take place from May 4th at the earliest. First instructions will be given online.
  • We offer this course for INF/MINF, CMS and HPSTS students. Make sure that your course of studies is listet in the course table.
  • Course enrolment has started. It is only possible from March 23 to April 8 in (in jExam or selma).
  • Be aware of the separate enrolments for the lecture and the exercise!
  • Please enrol in time so that we can inform you about changes and dates and provide lecture and exercise material (via OPAL).
  • If you have not registered by 8.4. you will not get access to the online course!
  • After enrolment, we will manually assign you to the OPAL course until April 13th at the latest. Please sign into OPAL once, to make sure you already have an activated OPAL account.


The aim of the course is to prepare a survey or an overview on a specific field of research. The course is based on the common practice of writing scientific articles. This requires scientific research using online libraries like IEEE Xplore Digital Library or ACM Digital Library. In addition to the article each student will present their results in a short presentation. Finally, a review for another article must be submitted.

This exercise provides insight into the development process of scientific articles. To support first steps, three promising reference papers are given as a foundation. The topics are based on the contents of the lecture.

Please note: The semester regulary starts on April 6th. Presence seminars will take place from May 4th at the earliest. In case it is generally not possible to hold face-to-face meetings from May onwards, the presentation sessions are going to be canceled. Instead, there will be an extended review process. Therefore, please be prepared for changing approaches and deadlines. Make sure that you regulary inform yourself.


  • Please enrol in time so that we can inform you about changes, and dates and provide material. Materials and up-to-date information can be found in the OPAL course. We will add you to the OPAL course after general enrolment.
  • If you have not registered by April 8 you will not get access to the OPAL online course and cannot take part in the course!


The exercise material and topic assignment will be provided in the OPAL course.

(schedule is tentative and subject to change)
Date Time Description
Fr, 10.04. Karfreitag/Good friday (no course)
Fr, 17.04. virtual Introduction and topic assignment (virtual/online)
Fr, 24.04. (individual work)
Fr, 01.05. Maifeiertag/May Day (no course)
Fr, 08.05. 13:00 Presentation session 1
(Submission deadline for session 1 papers and presentation slides: 07.05. at 23:59)
Fr, 15.05. 13:00 Presentation session 2
(Submission deadline for session 2 papers and presentation slides: 14.05. at 23:59)
Fr, 22.05. 13:00 Presentation session 3
(Submission deadline for session 3 papers and presentation slides: 21.05. at 23:59)
Fr, 29.05. 13:00 Presentation session 4
(Submission deadline for session 4 papers and presentation slides: 28.05. at 23:59)
Fr, 05.06. Pfingsten/Pentecost (no course)
Fr, 12.06. 13:00 Presentation session 5
(Submission deadline for session 5 papers and presentation slides: 11.06. at 23:59)
Fr, 19.06. 13:00 Presentation session 6
(Submission deadline for session 6 papers and presentation slides: 17.06. at 23:59)
Fr, 26.06. 13:00 Presentation session 7
(Submission deadline for session 7 papers and presentation slides: 25.06. at 23:59)
Fr, 03.07. 13:00 Presentation session 8
(Submission deadline for session 8 papers and presentation slides: 02.07. at 23:59)
Fr, 10.07. 13:00 Presentation session 9
(Submission deadline for session 9 papers and presentation slides: 09.07. at 23:59)
Fr, 17.07. (no course)